Ours By Accident Song Shop

Personalized songs for personal people. (Plus blogs about music, film, and life.)

Welcome to the Ours By Accident Song Shop, where unique, personalized songs can be written on-demand for any occasion or need: birthday presents, wedding anniversaries, novelty items, lullabies, theme songs, video scores, gag gifts, and more.

Song Shop creations can be requested in any genre with any topic of lyrical content. After ordering a song, a demo recording will be sent to ensure customer satisfaction with the lyrics and style. To discuss a Song Shop project, email oursbyaccident@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below. Head to Samples and Testimonials to hear samples of past work or read more at About Us.

This website also functions as a blog for Ours By Accident’s primary songwriter, Chase. The blog covers year-end favorites and critical reviews of albums and movies as well as a host of other entertainment-related, philosophical, and biographical topics. To hear Ours By Accident’s original, non-Song Shop music, you can stream and download free albums on Bandcamp.