Eh, scratch that.

A lot of homesickness.
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During my summer in the Grand Canyon a year ago, I don’t think I ever got homesick at all. However, the Grand Canyon is a lot closer to my Texas home than Germany is.

Yesterday was just a strange day for me. It began sinking in that I only have three weeks left, and I became sad that I will no longer have the duty to preach at the church here in Göttingen anymore, (which I’ve really been enjoying).

Yesterday was also the tenth anniversary of a special album for me, so I went through the heartwrenchingly nostalgic process of listening to this artist’s whole discography of 92 songs, including listening to two albums twice-through – songs that all have emotional ties to many, many friends and places and memories back home. And while my article on this album yesterday was fun to write and so many people have been seeming to enjoy it, it was also a little hard for me to write because it involved narrating so many touching stories from my past, including how my brother (whom I dearly miss) and I even became friends in the first place.
This next part might seem silly, but I also love a band called The Reign of Kindo – a love shared by my best friend, Trey. We’ve been waiting for Kindo to release a new album for a long time, and the new album was finally released yesterday…except Trey and I have decided to wait until we are both back home from our trips on August 15 to listen to the album for the first time together.

And to add on top of all of this, I was writing postcards yesterday to send to people back home and also received some Facebook messages from co-workers telling me that they missed me at work.

Are you seeing how all this could add up to a pretty depressing onslaught of homesickness?

Then today I was planning to leave on a second fun trip to Hamburg, which would seem like a great pick-me-up, but it turns out I won’t be going.

But I’m not here to complain. One of the main reasons I’m not going to Hamburg was that I felt God tugging me to stay, giving me reason to think that there would be good things to do here in Göttingen instead over these coming few days. So I’m going to hold God to that!

As sad as it is that this trip is nearly over, I’m going to work my hardest – be it through evangelism, worship-leading, prayer, house chores, cooking, yard work, or practicing the German language – to make these three final weeks amount to something truly special!

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