One: Not strong enough
a word to exhale all
that the weather brings
this wintry moment.

Two: Not deprecating
enough to bestow
upon me the truth
of my character.

Three: Not bitter enough
to consume the state
of our icy, depreciating

“It’s pretty cool outside.”
“You’re a really cool
person.” “Don’t worry,
we’re still cool.” I’m

not. Sorry. I’ve heard
this all before, but it’s
darn freezing outside,
I’m not all that cool,

and I’m not sure, weather,
you and I will be cool
again. And I am
not strong enough.

To be cool. “The act
of discovering what
is cool causes cool
to move on.”

So keep your cool,
keep your coolness,
don’t get stressed,
listen to the cool

jazz. Be content
that winter came early
and we are friends
no more. It’s cool.