“Any updates yet?” I ask. No response.
Inhaling by distraction, resuscitation
By electric charge, I scurry back and forth
Between tabs. Who will know first?
Facebook? Google? Phone bellows from
Beneath my bed pillow – yes, I refuse
To leave. Why leave

The comforts of home

When I don’t have to? Answer: “Hello?”
“Honey…she’s here! I can’t believe it!
Let’s name her Madeline.” “Quick,”
I say to my wife, “Post a photo and tag
Me in it!” But I was not there, I was
confused. It’s a girl? Did I miss
That post somewhere?

Scrolling through feeds,
Could I be so blind?
My only job was to



And I may have mis-
Understood, I may
Be running out
Of battery.