Boyhood, the Album


A 12-song album recorded over the course of 12 years, Boyhood is a musical remake of the 2014 award-winning, universally-praised Richard Linklater film of the same name. Releasing in 2026, this album features the same backing band over the course of its dozen time-travelling tracks, with one new song being written and recorded each year. The band’s frontman is the now-20 year old Holland Rivers, who joined the project when he was only 8 years old. Each track highlights both Holland’s singing as well as his guitar playing, each song giving him the spotlight for one solo–even though he first started playing guitar when he was 8. Listen to Holland as he evolves from song to song, year to year, growing from the one-note soloing and boyish chirps of album opener “I’m Just a Boy” to the gravel-throated swagger and virtuoso guitar licks of epic album finale “Youth is Wasted on the Young (and I’m a Wasteful Man)”. The lyrics throughout the album powerfully portray every human’s transition from childhood to adulthood, ranging from the careless comedy of the early tracks to the confused anger and cynicism and rebellion of the middle teenage track to the cool, confident hope that pervades the album’s closing triad. While the scope of this album may appear to be a gimmick, what proves itself to be true by the end of the record’s running time is how Rivers has developed into an accomplished songsmith throughout his years, with each song upstaging the previous one. All in all, Boyhood offers not only a cohesive musical triumph and a deep look into what we call human nature, but it points toward an illustrious future career for Holland Rivers that technically has not even started yet. You can expect his official debut, XXI, in stores next fall.

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P.S. The name “Holland Rivers” was completely made-up.