In my last blog post, discussing the use of analogies in poems, stories, and songs, I mentioned an original song that very few people in the world have heard. Honestly, I’m not quite sure why. So I’ve decided to change that. Here, for the first time, is “Saturday AM,” a song I wrote in 2011 and still one of my personal favorites. Please enjoy!

This song ties directly into something I’ve been meaning to blog about for a while: my (not-so) recent relocation from Texas to Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve made a few attempts to write about this move, but I could never get the words right; more specifically, I couldn’t get my focus right. So, to be as clear as possible, this song is the reason I moved to Nashville.

I’ve been writing songs since elementary school. Sometimes I write songs that are just for me, songs that the world will never hear. Occasionally I put those songs online or perform them live. For a while, I’ve been making music (off-and-on) with my brother. Lately, I’ve been making music with people I’ve only barely just met.

Fairly often, though, I write songs I can’t imagine keeping to myself. These are the songs I really hope the world gets to hear. These are the tunes I can picture other people singing. I’ve always felt “Saturday AM,” for example, would best fit a female artist.

When I say I’ve been writing songs since elementary school, I literally mean that since 3rd or 4th grade, I’ve been filling journals, joining and forming bands, jotting down lyrics and recording voice memos in the middle of class or at work, and making sense out of this crazy world through songwriting. By moving to Nashville, I’m attempting to see just how far this eternal hobby of mine might be able to take me. No matter what happens in my life–even if I lose my hands or my voice–I’ll always write music, so for as long as I’m making songs that other people could sing as their own…I might as well give it a try, right?

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