Hey there, folks. If you subscribed to this blog and enjoyed my writings, please come over to chasetremaine.com and subscribe there! But while I’m here, I wanted to provide a semi-comprehensive list of what I’ve been up to in the four (?!) years since I last posted here.

For anyone who was upset that I never finished my “top 16 of 16” series, I can hardly even explain just how life-changing-ly insane early 2017 was for me. So here’s a chart of everything I planned on posting, starting with the #1’s on top. The first three columns are self-explanatory. The fourth column includes my favorite media that I consumed during 2016 that didn’t release in 2016, and the final column includes my favorite life events from the year (most of which will make little sense to anyone except me, my bad). I was clearly looking forward to this series of approximately 20 blog posts, and I’m sad it never came to fruition.

Since this time, much has transpired in my world, both on the personal side and the professional. For starters, in early 2017, I joined the staff of the popular Christian music website Jesusfreakhideout.com. Below, you can find my contributions to the site’s year-end best-of lists:
JFH’s Best of 2017
JFH’s Best of 2018
JFH’s Best of 2019
JFH’s Best of 2020

I’ve also entered the world of podcasting. I’m now the host and producer for two different shows:
The JFH Podcast: a bi-weekly show under the banner of Jesusfreakhideout, where I interview Christian artists, take deep dives into the entertainment industry with insiders and independents alike, and lead topical discussions with fellow staff writers.
Unlearning Ignorance: a monthly show that aims to fairly represent multiple sides of society’s most divisive topics, with the hope of encouraging civil discourse and fairness within the issues we are most passionate about.

My last big update (at least in relation to this website) would be that I started releasing solo music. In late 2018, after a lengthy hiatus from music (which included some major life changes and a short-lived stint in graduate school), I began recording a few songs where I was primary musician and songwriter. That evolved into a full-length album titled Unfall, which released everywhere in January of 2020. Since then, I released the Bandcamp-exclusive homemade acoustic collection titled Commitments & Cover Songs, and on January 22, 2021, my sophomore album Development & Compromise will hit streaming services. As of writing this post, you can head to my Bandcamp page to purchase Unfall for the pandemic-only sale of $3, you can download Commitments for free, and you can pre-order Development & Compromise for $6 (which includes a free CD and will contribute toward my goal of printing the album on vinyl). It would be super snazzy and spiffy if you’d try out the music and see whether you like it, but if you’re wanting a “RIYL,” my music has often been considered best for fans of Thrice, Mae, Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Switchfoot, and The Dear Hunter.

My sophomore album, releasing on January 22, 2021

For anyone who came to this website because this is where I used to host my custom/personalized songwriting services, I still take on clients — please email me at music@chasetremaine.com to discuss the project. It’s wild how many services have exploded since I first started my song shop back in 2014 (from Downwrite to Songlorious), but I still take pride in being ahead of the curve and offering services that are both more affordable and more stylistically personalized than any other options on the market.

To conclude, if you ever enjoyed my writing in the past, I hope you’ll make the jump over to chasetremaine.com, where I intend to maintain weekly blog posts covering my favorite new music releases, reviews of albums from fellow Nashville artists, and more. You can also click this link to sign up for my monthly newsletter.

Thanks for being here.