Ours By Accident Song Shop

Personalized songs for personal people. (Plus blogs about music, film, and life.)

About Us

Sometimes I look through the iTunes Store or browse through music videos on YouTube and find myself anxiously overwhelmed by the massive amount of artists that exists today. The music industry seems supersaturated, to say the least, leading me to question whether I have a place within the mess. At my bleakest, I fear that I will actually be doing the world a disservice by trying to throw yet another yelling voice into a sinking ship.

Hi, my name is Chase, the founder and primary songwriter of the Ours By Accident Song Shop. The Shop opened for business in February 2015 with one intention in mind: instead of making my goals within the music industry smaller, I decided to make them more personal.

By writing songs directly for people via the Ours By Accident Song Shop, I receive the joy and satisfaction of working with musicians and friends to create pieces of art that serve a specific purpose: pleasing you and your loved ones.

Ask for whatever you want. Are you tired of wandering through malls, hoping to find wedding anniversary gifts each year, and this year you want to give your spouse something specially meaningful? Perhaps you need a lullaby to help your baby girl get to sleep, and now you can give her one filled with your love that she can continue to cherish as she grows up. Or what if your friend is about to move away, (the only friend who really gets your music taste!), and you want to have a relic that commemorates the times you’ve shared together by putting your memories into a 4 minute song.

Are you starting to see what the Song Shop is all about? Not only are we, as part of the Ours By Accident collective, dedicated to making music for you that will be unique, personal, and good, but your request for a song also fills us with inspiration and reminds us what music is supposed to be for. The process is mutually beneficial and timelessly rewarding for everyone on both ends. People have laughed after receiving a comedic song about an inside joke, loved ones have cried after hearing a song written just for them. The possibilities are truly endless, and you’re one email away from starting the process of getting a piece of art made for you, a friend, a lover, your whole family, or heck, even your pet. (Yes, a song has been written for a dog: an epic song.)

When sending an email to oursbyaccident@gmail.com or filling out the contact form below,  all we need is two pieces of information:

  1. What do you want your song to be about?
  2. What style do you want the song to be in? Is there a particular artist, album, or song you would like for us to model the song by?

After ordering a song, a demo recording will be sent to ensure customer satisfaction with the lyrics and style. If you do not like the song, you can cancel the project (before paying anything) or suggest changes for a rewrite. If you go through with the project, you pay now–any price you want–and Ours By Accident will provide a studio recording with as many instruments and as much production involved as possible with the price you pay.

If you are curious about the quality of recordings we deliver, see Samples & Testimonials to hear clips of previous projects, or go listen to the band’s self-produced EP series, the Album-in-a-Day Project, on Bandcamp.