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Act Action – On Sale Now

In 2014, Chase Tremaine and a large group of friends recorded and released a full length album as the band Ours By Accident. The album is titled Act, Action, and the Peace that Never Was. It can be streamed and purchased below via Bandcamp, and physical copies can be purchased in person for people living in the DFW area of Texas.

Keep up with live performances by Ours By Accident and the Nelson Romantic, (the primary musical vehicle for the Tremaine brothers), via Twitter: @alexnumbertwo @nelsonromantic

free acoustic EP is also available, including an album demo and covers of songs by Dustin Kensrue (of Thrice), Mae, House of Heroes, and the Reign of Kindo.

This site features a series of blog posts about the album and its creation process. Some can be read and enjoyed without hearing the album first, such as:

Why “Ours By Accident”?

Other blog posts should only be read after the album has been heard, such as:

What Kind of Music Do You Play?

We appreciate you taking the time to stream, read about, or purchase this debut album. New music is always in the works and higher quality recordings are being achieved. If you decide to work with the Ours By Accident Song Shop, you can expect to receive songwriting and recording quality equal to or greater than what you hear on this album.

Special thanks to Paul Demer, who helped produce, record and engineer the record, Taylor “Nelson Romantic” Tremaine, who co-produced and mixed the record, Colin Rigsby of House of Heroes, who designed the album artwork, and Chris Graham, who mastered the album and acoustic EP.

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