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Album-in-a-Day Project

In 2015, I conceived of a wild, crazy idea: to write and record an album in one 24-hour day. Nothing pre-written, nothing re-recorded. When I attempted this in April of that year, I failed. When I tried it again one year later, I ended up with not a full album, but an EP, available to stream or download for free here.


Album-in-a-Day Project, Vol. 1 consists of four multi-instrument, full-length songs written and recorded from scratch on April 4, 2016. (Vol. 2, written and recorded with the help of my brother Taylor on August 9, 2016, will be released in early 2017.)

As a creator, this project challenges me to create with a speed and efficiency seen almost nowhere else in the music industry. As a listener, I hope you won’t just be impressed by the 24-hour-gimmick but also love the songs. As a potential Song Shop customer, you can 1) hear the quality of recording we’re able to make in our home studio and 2) know that any song you order would receive at least as much time and care as any of these songs.

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