Ours By Accident Song Shop

Personalized songs for personal people. (Plus blogs about music, film, and life.)

Samples & Testimonials

The Song Shop’s client basis extends internationally, having fulfilled requests for anniversary songs, love songs, lullabies, personal-uplifting songs, worships songs, and even hardcore jams actualizing inside jokes. Requests for songs have been made in the style of Elvis Presley, Foo Fighters, Ryan Adams, Coldplay, N.W.A., The Ghost Inside, Copeland, Motion City Soundtrack, and more. Here’s a brief list of testimonials:

“I love the song. It is perfect. You have a fan for life in myself and my wife. Thank you for helping me make my wife so happy today.”

“Oh my goodness, this is beautiful. She will love this. I love this!”

“You out did yourself! This is by far amazing.”

“You took our idea and made it into something truly awesome. Thank you so much for you time, creativity, and general awesomeness!”

“Oh my God, I love it, and so does she! She actually started crying, which is clearly the best reaction possible.”

A few samples of Ours By Accident recordings and Song Shop creations can be heard below.

A clip from a Song Shop birthday gift made for the customer’s best friend:

A clip from a Song Shop track made as a wedding anniversary gift:

A full-length cover song:

An instrumental score for a short film:

Email oursbyaccident@gmail.com or fill out the form below to begin discussing your very own Song Shop creation at whatever price you request.

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